confessions [of an artist] part.7.

Recent pottered works.. waiting for their final glazing.firing.
To clay or not to clay.
This is my dilema of late.  How do you give up an outlet of creativity when you know the 'practicality' of it falters?
Lately I've been sneaking out to our garage for a fast flurry of pottery making (these warmer Fall days make it so inviting).  But in the back of my mind I hear the clock ticking... my time with pottery may soon be up. It's not that I don't love hand-building at home, I do.  It's just all the steps of delivering it to my wonderful local Pottery shop... waiting for sweet ol' George to fire it in the kiln... then finding the time to go glaze it.. and waiting for it's second/final firing.  Yes, it's a few more steps than I can dance to usually.

So I confess friends, this may be my last round of pottery making for a while at this nest.  I want to use up the brick of clay I have, and make a bunch for the upcoming Christmas show I'll be in.  Then ... it will be put on the shelf for a while I think.
I'll keep my hands busy in my crafting.sewing.painting.upcycling adventures... but playing in the mud is sadly coming to a close soon.
For anyone who has never pottered I do encourage you to take a class/course at your local pottery shop (if you have one)... it's a beautiful process to be a part of!

Playfully clay-fully,
Mel ;o)


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  2. ack!  pottery is SOOO on my to do list, along with a million other things of course... i figure i have a good 10 years, then i can be a doula and a potter, life will be fantastic!  :)


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