Recent hoop-la...

"small kite.big sky" & "small boat.big sea"

Here's some recent stitchery.painted goodness coming from this nest.  I love creating wee scenes of fabric scraps and embroidery - all stretched over a quilter's hoop.
 The above hoops are some popular designs of late, they were ordered from a few sweet people.

These two hoops were a custom order.  It was a fun project to spring board from what the customer described and stitch it all together.

I know, I know, I really need to get an Etsy account already.  I'm just trying to keep this stage of creating at a 'tranquil' pace for the priority of raising our wee ones at the nest currently.  Running local art.craft shows is a good pace for me, with the occasional mailed out order for those lovely clients who can work with me.
For the locals:
I'll be showing you more recent craftiness in these upcoming weeks to the Christmas craft show.
(Focus Fair - Dec.10th & 11th - the Spill Cafe).

My current art show at Black Honey Cafe is going to be up for one more week, (and the quilted hoops have been selling like hot cakes there!).
Hope you all have a beauty weekend, 
we're caught up in the magical sparkle of our first snowfall here!

Creatively yours,
Mel :o) 


  1. your fabric selection is so incredible!  i love how you look at polka dots and instead see raindrops, that's so spectacular!  you would be UNSTOPPABLE if you had an Etsy store, but i will agree that it's a lot of work, and since you would be so successful at it, you wouldn't have a moment to do anything else!  what a joy to know such an incredible artist!  xo

  2. ha! The fabric selection is due to an insatiable urge to buy up every sale remnant at our local fabric shop.... and thank you my friend for your sweet encouragement - I'll follow your lead someday and plunge into the world of Etsy ;o) xo


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