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Hello friends - how was your weekend?
We had a sun-filled Saturday here... but today's grey Sunday weather is making me feel sleeeeepy (I think my blood is solar-powered).... anywho, here's a glimpse of another weekend in snapshots from our nest:
Painting in the morning sunlight... in our 'bedroom/studio' - my happy place.

Realising a little too late that the one apple I thought Azriel was eating... was a bite from each apple she kept getting from the bag in the kitchen!  Baha.

Tug-o-war over who gets to wear mama's lace&t-shirt scarf.

Kids and friends running around a gym for a surprise party... and yes, Ben did make yummy cupcakes for that event!

 While Azriel napped... I did some finishing touches of my pottery.

Dropped the pottery off at George's (Park Street Pottery)... I always love the atmosphere there. Eager to see how my pieces turn out once 'fired.glazed'!

Then up to the in-laws for 'family dinner Saturday'... with all the 'greats.grands and uncle/aunt' crew: story time with funny Uncle Tristan, and the weekly winding of the grandfather clock with Grandad.  Some happy memories made here every weekend.

Hope yours was lovely too,
see you on the flip side!

Mel ;o)


  1. What a lovely weekend you all had! It was so great seeing you and your beautiful family today at the show. I want to get in on some of your creative energy let's make a date!


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