small steps.big boots.

Ever get that feeling like you're in over your head....
...but the shore is already at the vanishing point of the horizon?
Welcome to where I live - as a mama of a 'freshly two' daughter.  Isn't it funny.crazy.insane that we live in a civilized world that makes you get a license to drive a car. earn a degree to get a job. or do a test to become a citizen of state... and yet any ol' screwball can have a kid!

Ever wonder what that test would look like to be considered an eligible parent?

Will you love unconditionally, even when they don't show it back to you?
Will you confess when you've wronged them and ask forgiveness?
Will you model what grace.confidence.integrity.humour.compassion really stand for in a world that so often distorts these?
They're watching us.  They're learning... us.  
I keep realizing that no matter what I may say to my daughter, she will watch what I do and know the truth.  She's at the age of wanting to mimic mama even now...  hence, the big boots to fill (for her and me).

It's almost comical at this stage.  She sees me put on face cream.. and runs to put Vaseline all over her face and her dolls (oy!).  She sees me use eyeliner... and runs to shove a pencil towards her eyes (ack!!)...  I don't even like/use makeup!
But does she see a mama who spends more time in the powder room... or more time in prayer?
"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised."
Proverbs 31:30

I want to help lift her spirit.  I want to teach her to take small steps to accomplish big dreams.
It's a high calling... and most days I feel for every step forward I've taken another backwards.  I'm still floundering in these big boots to fill as 'mama'.

But each new day is a fresh opportunity to step up and embrace this role by God's grace.
We're all taking small steps here... wobbling around. falling. trying again. in these big boots.

My beautiful blue belle Azriel is wearing an outfit that is mostly thrifted/with a tan dress that was gifted... and her mama's rubber boots! 
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thanks for stopping in,
Mel ;o) 

P.S - if you're wanting to see how cute our gal looked as a woodland.gnome.mushroom girl for her birthday.. you can go here!


  1. i love this post. i have the same questions and concerns. but the fact they we raise these questions goes to show just how seriously we take our role as a parent. that's a step in the right direction.

    wow mel, i really enjoyed this. beautifully written and of course beautiful pictures.
    enjoy your day :)

  2. Hey Melissa girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So sorry it took me so long to reply. I love this post so much, I recently wrote a few lines about parenting and how clueless I feel sometimes! But thank you Lord for your love and grace! Thanks for sharing, and your baby girl is ADORABLE!!

  3. Wow, what amazing reminders.  It's so true that little ones look to use for an example!  I've started writing in a pregnancy journal and I'm already turning my mind and thoughts towards being a good example and a good mother for the little one my body is currently nurturing. 

  4. i LOVE that last photo.  so pretty!  CHEERS to two year old little girls!! :))

  5. Mel, this is beautiful. Beautiful pictures and great thoughts. Where do we spend our time - children can see what is truly important to us. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. oh my, this is so cute, it totally made my day! thanks so much, I needed this to cheer me up :) have a great day!!

  7. The boots totally add that certain je ne sais quoi. :) 
    The blue on her lovely little sweater is my very favorite color - she is adorable in it!

  8. Gorgeous photos and I adore her little dress. :)


  9. thanks y'all for your sweet words - I love reading every one of your comments! ;o) ox

  10. Two is delicious. It is so full of fun imagination and learning and that goes for both the parents and the toddler love love love your little ones style this week. that cardigan is so lovely and of course gumboots are the perfect accessory.


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