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Oh what's in a name?
Just a whole barrel full of pressure to pick the right one!  The one that rolls around your mouth in a pleasing way.  The one that rings a certain tune when used in conjunction with your family name...
Currently I have exhausted boy names from all different cultures and races.  I have tossed a few favourites at Ben... only to have them vetoed (and vice-versa).  I've gone through a baby's name book bigger than a phone book and still found it lacking....

Why is it that every name reminds you of someone that once pulled your hair in grade two, or picked their pimples in grade ten?!  Association in this scenario is just as sloppy as Pavlov's dog drool I find.

But no worries.. we at least have three names picked at this point (and for the curious, they all happen to end in "on"... so that's something....).  Once I see the his face I think we'll decide which one fits best.

Do you put much stock in name meanings?  I won't let it cancel a vote, but the meaning behind a name sure helps make it enticing sometimes... and then there's my name Melissa which means: honeybee.  whoopity-dee.

Want to keep up with the buzz on my baby-progress... you can follow this guy's growth down the produce aisle here.

Mel ;o) 


  1. Campbell Soup, mmm good!7 November 2011 at 21:17

    Having issues coming up with names ourselves. Everything I like Court doesn't and when I try to really think if I can see naming our child a particular name nothing sounds right. lol Glad you narrowed it down to 3 names. Hopefully when I reach 23 weeks in another month I'll have narrowed my list down.

  2. Is one of the three names Argon?  It's, like, my favorite gas.

  3. ha! um. no, but thanks Matrim ;o)

  4. Hi karen! Big congrats to you guys by the way - we're excited for you!! Hope you're feeling well through it... and yes, good luck with the name game too ;o) xo

  5. To me, the meaning of a person's name has so much value.  Whenever I toss out a name suggestion to my fiance for our future children, the first thing he asks me is always, "What does it mean?" I truly believe that there is something holy and sacred about choosing a name for your child because it will follow them their entire lives and probably grow into it in ways you could never imagine. 

  6. honeybee! That is the sweetest translation. I had no idea what Caren meant, but just looked it up. Seems to mean "pure". huh. I like honeybee better! :)
    I love that photo of you with all those crossed off baby names on your mama belly! Adorbs! xox

  7.  sweet, with a stinger... that's me! ;o)  I could totally see 'pure' for you since you're 'purely' delightful, 'purely' devoted to vintage... and Gracie.. and all things small.delicate.beautiful in the everyday. :o) xo

  8. Agreed.... (although you may not think so depending on the name we pick!)  We definitely chose Azriel for our daughter's name since it meant "God is help [my helper]".. and loved that.  That's what's making it so much harder this time around though... finding a good name with the good meaning too, so we'll see how it turns out ;o)

  9. I just found your blog today, and I am hooked already. Plus, I am also Melissa and am pregnant. My husband and I have a few girl names picked out that we'd be happy with but are having a tremendously difficult time picking out boys names. So many  names are either friends' children's names or ex-boyfriend names. Being an "advance maternal aged" mother to be, lots of friends with kids and lots of exes really narrows down the name pool.

  10. Hello Melissa(x2!)... lovely to meet you, thanks for stopping by my nest - and congrats to you guys on your baby to be - when are you due?!  Good luck with the names too... phew!  I'd love to hear what you came up with in the future :o)
    Mel xo


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