Johnny Cash & my sweet stash

Well here's a fun example of upcycling a t-shirt into a handbag:
I saw this t-shirt while thrift shopping a while ago and instantly thought of my blogging friend Krista (her love of Cash is inked right into her arm).  I wanted to make a bag for her since I had won her sweet tote bag from a giveaway. 

Since Krista is a funky mix of girly and tom-boy grit... I paired a retro floral liner with leopard print straps.  You can 'walk the line' over to her blog and see how sweet it looks on her here!
In other thrifting news... here's a retro brown suitcase I scored recently.  It was in mint condition and a perfect addition to my turquoise Globetrotter (my mom owned as a child).

These suitcases are a great way to stash and display my creations at craft shows (and I'm gearing up for a Christmas craft show currently... stay tuned).

So those are a couple of my fun thrift store finds lately... how about you?
Don't you just love finding a sweet score?
Mel ;o)


  1. I loved it when I saw it on Kristas blog, you did a great job!! I need to go through my shirts and look for something cool to turn into a bag sometime.. would make an awesome and personal christmas gift as well! thanks :)

  2. hey Paula - glad you're getting inspired to create your own too - especially if the shirt has sentimental meaning to the gift getter!  Good luck crafting! xo

  3. I love the idea of turning a shirt into a bag!

  4. great idea. i just love this one...i love me some johnny cash!

  5. thanks Marielle (prettty name!).. and nice to meet you! :o)

  6. It's my favorit-EST purse ever!! I love, love, love it!! You are so awesome lady!!



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