Five.for.Five [school years]

Alright, I'm back with this week's edition of 5 facts.5 foibles from my life.  I figured since last week looked at my childhood.. this post could focus on the next phase of existence called 'school years' (ugh, I'm already breaking out in a cold sweat!).

School Years

Fact #1: I am terrible at math...
(which is why I love that quote: "Math: I'm not a therapist, solve your own problems!")
Foible #1:  I had tutors try to help me with this issue - I can remember really wanting to learn subtraction with the one tutor that used Smarties for counting!

Fact #2:  I always loved sports(gym) and art.
Foible #2: This fact made me an 'artsy.tom-boy'... a strange combination really, so I never fit one clique in school - just happily drifted amongst the jocks. the artists. the wallflowers....etc.

Fact #3:  In highshool I started colouring my hair.
Foible #3:  When I was cheap/lazy I would simply bleach it... without putting 'blonde' back on to it... so it glowed like a rubber duck and felt like straw.  I then played with shades of plum, neon red, fuschia, orange, blonde, black, mahongany for the next few years. (Let it be known, once this current baby is out.. I want a shot of crazy colour again!).  ;o)
Fact #4:  I got my nose pierced in highschool (and still love it).
Foible #4:  So... the piercing may have taken place in a bathroom stall IN the highshool... but you didn't hear it from me!

Fact #5:  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (B.A.M!)
Foible #5:  the longer story is ... I was going to go to an arts college... but figured I should do one year of Bible college to make sure I knew what I thought I believed = four years, and a degree, later I finally figured that out better! 

So there's a few more tidbits from my 'growing up' days... stay tuned for next weeks top five list!

Thanks for hearing my confessions,

Mel ;o)


  1. you sound like one cool-school chick!  have (re-)pierced my nose in a bathroom before, too.  always a fun experience:)

    and baby squash is growing!  you look amazing preggers!!


  2.  thanks Krista! Pretty sure we'd have been good friends if we were in school together too - I would have been drawn to your shyness and loved your sporty 'wild cat' moves too! :o)

  3. Who knew we both had the same math problems... I feel less stupid now :o), and realize why we get along so well!


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