A happy place...

Do you have a place of joy.contentment.delight in your life?  That one special corner you can always find inspiration and creativity in?  My art studio is one of those spaces for me.  Park Street Pottery is another!  I've mentioned before how rare it is for me to actually get over to the 'shop' now.. but I was blessed to sneak in a session there this past Friday.
That jovial fella is George - the owner.potter of the shop - to know him is to love him! 

Here's the potter's playground: a chaotic collection of creativity!  Sure it takes a bit of time to discern all the hand scribbled notes on buckets of glazes... and to navigate amongst the other potters/customers/visitors... but to me, it's bliss.

Once I settle into my zone it is pure contentment.  Hands in cool clay.  Gently massaging shapes from formless lumps.  Stiring the glazes into saturated soups of reds.browns.gold. 
This batch I've been working on will use glazes of honey white. turquoise. and brown - I get so excited to see how the pieces will come out of the kiln - it's like Christmas every time.

Here's a sneak peek of the (unfinished) goodies I'm creating for the upcoming Christmas show.
There will be more of my doily pressed neck.clays and bracelets.  Bird ornaments.  Doily pressed nesting bowls.  Bird pouches.  Can't wait to see/show them soon!
That's the surrender part of pottery.
You form the clay.  Hope it doesn't crack.
You glaze it next.  Hope it comes through the kiln glowing pretty.
You have to create... and then let go.
Don't force it... just let it move.flow.shape.

Maybe that's why this is such a happy place for me - it teaches me much about the simple truths of life.
Dusty hands, delighted heart,
Mel ;o)


  1. Yellowfiinchdesigns29 November 2011 at 14:07

    oh, this does look like a happy place. can't wait to see more of your creations ;)

  2. hi miss, thanks for the comment on my blog! i look forward to meeting you tomorrow as well :)
    park street pottery is just around the corner from my house (we live above eds music...or what once was) and i've always been curious about what goes on inside...looks like fun!

  3.  aw - we could have been neighbours - we used to live above the Hopkins flower shop - a lot easier to go to the pottery shop then!  I'll have to tell you about a great craft show happening just up behind your place this weekend... remind me at 'tea time' tomorrow! ;o)

  4. thanks Liz - it is!  I'm eager to see/show the pieces when they get all 'fired up'.  :o)

  5. this post warms MY heart!  wonderful words, GORGEOUS pieces, i might need to put in an order please for one of those stunning neck.clays!!!!!!!!!!  clay is awfully similar to children eh?  it reminds me of that quote "the decision to have a child- it's momentous.  it is to decide to forever have your heart go walking outside your body"  of course, clay masterpieces that crack or adhere themselves to the bottom of the kiln are simply a super bummer, but you know what i mean ;)

  6.  aww Suz, you're sweet - as usual!  You just keep me posted if/when you see something you like ok? And yes, kids and clay have some parallels for sure - pour all your love/care into them, but then let them form into who they're meant to be too! ;o) xo

  7. i think the bracelets are my fave :)


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