D.I.Y - upcycle sweater into cozy comforts...

If you've ever read the book "The Giving Tree" you'd understand why I was tempted to call this post the 'giving sweater'...  because today we're going to take one old sweater and upcycle it into four cozy comfort accessories... in my super fast.stupid easy. approach to do.it.yourself projects around this nest!

 First I hacked off the sleeves and hemmed the top edge with a zig-zag stitch... for instant cozy leggings.

Those beauty buttons from the wrist cuffs now rest on my ankles.

Next, I chopped the collar off the sweater... it's curve makes for a perfect cup cozy... just wrap around your favourite mug. cut. sew together. 

You could 'glam' up your cup cozy with funky buttons or felted flowers too... this is just the bare-bones version.  I loved the button detailing on the back of my sweater so I cut a big floppy tea cozy shape out of it (then lined it with green fleece).

Next, I cut a strip from the sweater that would make for a cozy head wrap... and lined it with turquoise fleece.

This strip was from the waistband of the sweater that already had a big button attached... and it makes for a nice neck warmer too when turned around!

I think I may have a growing obsession with chopping up brown sweaters (if you recall the last sweater turned 'hooded scarf' d.i.y).  Plus, there's more to come next week...  I even hope to make my daughter a sweet 'reindeer' toque if I'm lucky!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you're inspired to give those old sweaters a second chance at making your life a cozier winter.

Mel ;o)


  1. awesome idea, I bought a cozy sweater on a flea market a couple of days ago but it's too big. I guess I'll try to turn it into some leg warmers now :D

  2. i love this!! ... you are insanely crazy creative!!  can you send some of your sewing skills down to the US?:)...i'm just awful with material...but this does look pretty do-able.  


  3. Thanks sweets!  I'm sure you could do this... I could!!  Seriously - I sew crazy.wild.sloppy... not refined whatsoever.... but I would love to send some 'skills' your way (especially if I could ship myself in a big box) so we could have a gal's date! ;o) xo

  4.  oh perfect timing then!  You'll have to post pics... on your blog and link it up or something so I can see how cute you look! ;o)  have a great weekend!

  5. Wowzas! I wish I had kept some old sweaters so i could do all these nifty things! I'll have to keep my eyes open when I'm thrifting for cozy sweaters w/ cool buttons! You are amazing, dear Mel!


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