Five.for.Five [confessions of childhood]

For better or worse, I'll be starting a new 'series' here.  I thought it may help you lovely readers to get to know me better by learning things you may not have known (or wished you still didn't) about me!  Spring boarding from my "confessions" posts, this series will be once a week and will cover 5 facts & 5 foibles about myself on a number of topics (childhood, art-making, motherhood... life in general...etc).  Ready? Ok, let's do this:


Fact #1: I still live in the city I was born in.
Foible #1: I used to think that meant I was the biggest loser... now I embrace it ... mostly.  (Although the fact that we can't go anywhere in the city without running into someone I know can get tedious comical).

Fact. #2:  I was born blue (yep, the umbilical cord choke-hold move).
Foible #2:  I often blame my mother for this fact - depriving me of oxygen - as to why I am not a genius.

Fact #3:  I'm the baby of the family. I have an older sister and brother (they have a different father, but we all grew up together with my/our Dad).
Foible #3:  Having these tall, gorgeous siblings always left me feeling a bit like the frumpy.stumpy.dumpy third wheel. (please, no sympathy tears).
Fact #4: I was a total tom-boy growing up.  I lived in my Toronto Blue Jays hat (it went from navy blue to faded sky blue over the years).
Foible #4: When I delivered papers as a kid, the seniors would say "thank you son".. and I would just nod.  Girls at the playground would giggle and ask me out.... and I would just laugh at them.  Sure, I was a stinkin' cute 'boy' back then... but I still thought those girls were thick as bricks to think I actually was a boy!
Fact #5:  I was afraid of the dark as a kid.
Foible #5:  I can still scare myself in the dark as an adult.  My imagination has a serious hate-on for me whenever the lights are out and things go 'bump' in the night.
There you have it.  The first edition of five.for.five this week... if you found that informative, you can pop by again next week for more... still at the low.low.cost of free.

Thanks for perching at this nest,
Mel ;o)


  1. I am scared of the Dark too. But remember "God is bigger than the boogy man". I have prayed many a night when I am scared! 

    Thats hilarious that those girls thought you were a guy and asked you out. FUNNY! 

  2. hah, great post :) made me think of my childhood


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