slide.show.sunday.take 22.

It's that time of week again friends, a photo stream of how our weekend unfolded...
lets just say it was a wee roller-coaster for this mama:

A beautiful cloud dappled sky welcomed us to the Saturday's Farmer's market.

First stop: Kyoto coffee (since I dropped our third French Press on the kitchen floor this week)!  I miss not being outside for the Market... but it's a sign of winter coming, and so is Azriel and I wearing our ponchos!

If you're local, you'll go loco for the Pastry Peddler... Colin serves up the tasty treats here!

Cat naps for this mama (our bedroom tour found here)... I've been fighting a congested cough and feeling like my insides were hollowed out and filled it with achy nausea.

My stomach was so cramped from coughing that I sought comfort in pillow-wrapping it.  This shot of me attempting to paint for a bit was right before the drama started... I doubled over in pain as a seeming 'contraction' took over, we called the midwife to check in and she asked us to meet her at the Emergency Room.  By the time we got to the hospital the killer pain had subsided, and our lil' rascal baby was still kicking happily in my belly.  Thank God it turned out to be a 'mysterious spasm' versus any continuing drama.

Soooo... we headed up to the in-laws for 'family dinner saturdays' as usual.  Azriel was a blur of activity - running to relatives to "read book" or "build towers" with her.  I was taking it easy (midwife's orders) and sewing my lil' hoots.

Gathering around the candlelit feast table with the smell of Ben's fresh baked bread, and the laughter of family.

A good end to a crazy day.
Hope y'all had a lovely weekend,
see you soon!
Mel ;o)


  1. So glad the pain in your baby belly ended up not being the start of something scary! *healing hugs* to you anyways! I do hope all this activity, though, means this little fella will be coming out to say hello on time and not want to stay inside for an extra few weeks!
    Also, my mom brought home some tasty treats from the Pastry Peddler just this past Saturday, from the market, and OMG, hello new best pastry friend! The butter tarts are extreme! Now I need to head to Millbrook and check out their shop. Addicted. :)

  2. thanks for the HUGS Caren!  Glad you got to partake of their yummy goodness (and you can know their stuff is made from real good ingredients... vs. the sketchy stuff in your 'neighbourhood' shop .. just sayin'.)!  You, lucky, me... a pastry date we shall be!! ;o) xo


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