a day in our nest...

If you're wondering what an 'average' day at our nest looks like, this is the post for you:

 7:30 - 8:30am: morning snuggles. breakfast. devotionals. play time.

 9:30 - 11am: walking.visiting.or hanging with our gnomies.

 12:30 - 2:30pm: lunch. Azriel naps. Mama crafts...

 ...and Ben gets home from working at the bakery.. and then bakes for fun!
Mmmmmm.... chocolate mint cupcakes this time!

 2:30 - 3:30: Azi gets up and we either run errands or read and play.

4:30: dinner prep starts...friends drop by. Azi runs around.

 5pm: I may sneak in a bit more crafting... (Azi loves the illusion of helping me stuff the birds for my mobiles .)

5:30-6pm: dinner. reading. family time.

6:30 - 7pm: playtime.stories.bath.bedtime for Azriel.
Ben goes to bed before 8pm.. (to get up at 3:30am).
I clean up the kitchen.blog.craft.do laundry... whatever... and sneak into bed around 10:30pm.

So now you know the 'normal' rhythm of a weekday here...
Thanks for stopping in,
Mel ;o)


  1. The lighting in that first pic of this blog is Amazing!! do you do something to it ... or was it just the way the lighting was ?

  2. thanks! It's pretty much the way I took it - that's the beauty of morning sunlight flooding in our large window! ;o)

  3. Your normal day blows most people's good days out of the water.  Dance and rejoice!

  4. hehe, aww shucks, thanks (I think)...  we be dancing (most days at around 3:35! ha). ;o)


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