the layered look.

 No we haven't moved to the Middle East... this is just Azriel's fashion trend lately.  Since turning two she is eager to prove how grown up she is... and here's an example of her getting "dressed".  She will take the same two or three shirts each morning and rearrange them on her head countless times... highly entertaining for this mama.

She just keeps me smiling each day with her new words. discoveries. expressions (recent favourite: "Ooooh, look at dat noise!")  Here she is singing of her love for Daddy too...

I am actually really excited for this next phase of Azi wanting to dress herself... I think it will be hilarious (especially if she shares her mama's sense of 'style' growing up... or lack thereof).

Do you embrace your kids wild combinations or try to keep them looking presentable? ;o)
Azriel's outfit:
Every stitch of fabric piled on to her body is thrifted - Old Navy, George, etc.

For other - likely better dressed sweeties - hop on over to Mama Loves Papa today! 

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  1. Stephanie Precourt10 November 2011 at 10:21

    I love the layers! Ivy has to have a hood and scarf for everything!


  2. she is funny! i too look forward to this next stage of Lily's growth. she just turned 2. she likes to accessorize. over accessorize at that. i'm all for her expressing herself.

  3. That's too cute!  Avery hasn't started trying to dress herslef.  Secretly, I'm happy, because I'm one of those who likes to have control, although it would be fun to see what combinations she pulls together!

  4. hehehehe - that is adorable!
    My two year old runs to her room and puts a diaper cover on her head every time we are about to leave the house, apparently she is choosing a hat.

  5. oh ma goodness. too cute. that's a hard one...i've learned to embrace their creativity with how they dress themselves. it's interesting to see what they put together. jonas (he's 6) is actually funny about what he wears and really likes to look nice. josh on the other hand....he loves to mix those stripes, plaids, hoodies, colorful socks, you name it. but i love it. it's his own style.

    i love her style ;)


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