confessions [of a Mel] part.5.

Ok, I have to admit.. I have a little 'thing' for mushrooms.  Toadstools, gnomes, woodland creatures... I go weak in the knees for them all!  Yes, we even had a woodland wedding cake back in the day.... and our daughter's room now echos this love too.  So obviously I just about had kittens when I saw these vintage goodies recently!

Thank you "Vinnies (St.Vincents)" for moving to our end of town!  I love this thrift store.. especially now that Value Village is getting... ridiculous
Toadstool salt & pepper shakers - $2.
This mama - too giddy.
*Let it be known... these aren't child proof.. turns out letting your kid 'clap' the mushrooms together with glee = busted mushroom cap for poor Mr.Salt!*

 All mushy for 'shrooms,
Mel :o)

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