tote-ally delighted!

Don't you just love getting surprises in the mail?  I sure do... especially when it's this funky fantabulous tote that I won from the Saturated Canary's blog giveaway!   Here's my lil' happy dance to celebrate!

I absolutely love how the blogging world has introduced me to so many of you fantastic people out there.  Krista from the Saturated Canary is no exception... I was first hooked on her due to a picture of her funky huge dreads... and then her funky ginormous attitude that went with it... and her love of art, her family, her faith.. her fashion etc.  Look how sweet she is, she even made me a card with a bird on it... and an egg inside... it's the little things ya know.  The sweet sketch on her tote is of Amelia Earhart - pretty cute eh?

I bet that Amelia would fly back from the 'Bermuda Triangle' (where she's likely hanging out with Elvis and Bigfoot)... to see this beauty self-portrait!

Thanks again Krista, 
I haven't been a 'winner' since that Snow Leopard towel I won in Grade Two!

Happy weekend y'all!
Mel ;o)

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  1. It looks so good on you girly!!  You are adorable...and thank you for the sweet, kind words.  Someday gonna take you up on that ice tea and a good chat with the kids playing in the kiddie pool:):) <3


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