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 Welcome to the 'bedroom edition' of our tour friends.  Now I know I technically already showed you a lot from this room in the past - as a 'studio tour' of sorts... but things have changed around here.  The hot summer days called for heaving the air conditioner into our 'nook' window... and making a space for Azriel's playpen to tuck in and stay cool with us over the summer.  Thankfully we haven't had to use it yet.  So yes, this is our newest layout as you walk in the door.  You can see her playpen tucked in the back corner - ('nobody puts Baby in a corner'.. except here).  I finally got the sheer curtains up, hanging from a cool branch I found (inspired by my older post).  Not that shimmery sheers is my first choice - but letting the light and breeze pass through was a must.  Another must.. finding a split-box spring frame for our bed that will actually fit up the stairwell.

 To the left of our bed I arranged our blanket basket as a mini-bench area.  The two dressers tucked in nicely together (had these suckers since I was a kid, many coats of paint later).  Speaking of paint, the walls were first coated in a burnt orange colour - Benjamin Moore CC-98 "Prairie Lily" and then I rubbed a wet wash of brown glaze over it all to 'age' it nicely.  The finishing touch was to tear strips of orange damask wallpaper and layer them into areas of the walls (seen here). 

 Close up view of our dressers.  My arrangement of meaningful mementos... a favourite shot of Daddy and daughter.  Hand ornament I made of Azriel when she was 2 months old.  Journals. Lanterns.  Plants. Pottery. Vintage heirlooms.  And yes,.... a stuffed beaver [my husband fought for that addition... ugh!].

 Speaking of husband... he is the best gift-giver ever.  It's like he knows me or something - since he always finds the greatest treasures.. like these two prints that he varnished and framed as a wedding gift for me. [Bonus points for who can state what movie they were showcased in....!?].

Speaking of wedding gifts.. this amazing birch tree painting was done by my amazing cousin Barb TenEycke.  Back in the day when I was doing house painting. faux finishes. and murals with their paint crew - she was the interior decorator/designer.  Now she takes the time to pound out amazing pieces that would make the Group of Seven take notice... check her out here.

I think that is finally the complete tour of our master bedroom.  As promised last time, we will be going to check out Azriel's room next (next week).

If you've missed any rooms along the way... you can sneak peeks here:

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