blue eyes, bellies & bicycles...

Today the sun was shining... so Azriel and I got all dressed up to strut the sidewalks.
Here's her classic 'maniacal cuteness' face. 

She opted for one of my hats (you'll see why)... my plastic blue 'pearls'... and a freshly discovered handbag gifted to her from Christmas.  And yes, like last week's small style post, I still adore this gal in navy.white polka dots!

My blooming two year old is starting to look like a mini-me...  I lived in ball caps as a kid.

Sometimes I still do... hence, Azi sees - Azi wears one too.  I think her face here is hysterical, as if she's expecting to be crushed any moment from mama's 9month baby belly.

Then it was time to hit the sidewalks... on a push-bike... which inevitably ends two seconds later and Azriel - or I - have to push an empty bicycle the rest of the walk.

These mama-daughter days are extra-special lately on the eve of our new addition.
With baker Ben working full days again... we're getting a lot of time together just Azi and I.
I love discovering the world afresh through her blue eyes!
Linking up with the other sweet kids at Mama Loves Papa:
Azriel's small style:
hat: mama's...
polka dot shirt:thrifted
white shirt:thrifted
jeans: Zellers
coat: thrifted
purse: S.W.A.K
P.S: I'll even throw in a 'mama style' post for y'all later! 

Have a beauty day friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. i love that you're embracing the time you have now ... just the two of you :) and these pictures, she is so precious! and your belly! i love it. every time i see a pregnant woman it does make me miss those days. 

    hope all is well with the pregnant. you look beautiful!

  2. Melissa,
    She's adorable! 
    And you look great ~ hope you're feeling just as good. 
    Such an exciting time.

  3. i love her face in that first photo! what a cutie. she looks adorable as always. good luck with the new addition. you're almost there!

  4. "Maniacal cuteness" -love it!!  And I love the idea of the books in the fireplace in your previous post!

  5. I agree with you, blue and white polkadots are adorable. and that long turqouise necklace, I might have the same one.
    So impressed with you juggling everything so well at 9 months!

  6. Ah!  She is adorable.  I love that she's wearing your 'pearls', so cute!  Would love for you to come link up to Trendy Tots at 

  7. thanks Shannon... 'juggling' a.k.a 'waddling' through this final month with an active toddler is quite the extreme sport for sure! ;o)

  8. thanks for stopping in Corey - glad you enjoyed the fireplace nook for books idea too... guess we could always light a blaze on really cold nights either way! ;o)

  9. aw, thanks lovely..  and yes, almost there - and 'there' is going to be a whole new wild world for us! xo

  10. thanks so much Susan, feeling pretty good considering the added 'bulge'! ;o)

  11. oh Liz, you're a sweet.kind heart - thanks for that.  IF you're missing it... will you return to it then?! ;o)  I'm sure your family could add another cutie to the small style line up in the future... hehe!


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