slide.show.sunday.take 29.

Brrrr.. that was a real taste of winter this past weekend!  Needless to say our family stayed pretty quiet and cozy in the nest here:
 Frosty windows... darling daughter.
 Ben and Azriel take advantage of steamy windows... as a scribble pad.
 Big mama caught in the act - Ben and I are playing with a new camera (he had the new one here)...
 A delicious brunch with friends... while the kids were a blur of activity.
 Up to the in-laws for family.dinner.saturdays...
 Snuggles with Nana...
Chuckles with Grandad and great Granny... as Hazel the wonder dog licked Azriel and she squealed "Ew.... gross!"

Hope you had a cozy and fun weekend where you were too!
See you on the flip side,
Mel ;o)

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