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Somebody hit the 'pause' button... we're suddenly entering our ninth month here!  It's all starting to become more of a reality now... there's a new addition and he's coming soon.  The majority of my pregnancy was a dazed stupor of not really acknowledging that this baby is for 'reals'... call it being distracted by the baby outside the womb - namely, this sweet gal Azriel... 

 Yep, she's pretty distracting with her daily chatter now of "whatcha got here mommy?" and "snugg'oh me" and "what doing mommy?" etc.  I think she - and the cats - are still convinced I'm just growing them a 'perch' to sit on... with all this combined weight I'm sure the babe is forced downward.  Though he still seems to have room in there to thump and bump all day long lately.  I feel like a clothes dryer with a bowling ball and cue balls being bashed about inside... goodness.  Anytime I put Ben's hand on my belly to feel the rumble he shakes his head and states "that will never not be weird".  
Weird and wonderful.
Two defining terms for this family I'd say....

To be honest, I still have no clue how this nest will change soon.  
Sure, there's the obvious lack of sleep.. and surplus of diapers..  but I'm still not sure how this heart will transform again.  How this birth will cause another 'doubling' of love and delight for a new member of our crew.  How my patience will be tried by two voices crying for attention.  How our marriage will stay priority in the wake of these changes...
I'm not sure how my heart can handle anymore love to gush out on this newest babe... but I know its here, growing like my belly each day, waiting for the moment when I see his wee face and overflow in affection for him!

Sweet moses... I'm having a baby!
Melon mama,
Mel ;o)

P.S... you can follow this baby's progress down the produce aisle here.


  1. hummm....looks like a boy belly for sure ;0)

  2. Oh goodness that's SO exciting!  I really enjoy these updates.  I don't think I'd ever get used to the internal 'clothes dryer' sensation!

  3. thanks!  I guess the relief for you is there's no threat you will experience the 'clothes dryer' sensation.. unless you eat a bad batch of chili and corn dogs...  ;o)

  4. thanks luv :o)  Are you doula'ing anytime around early Feb... maybe I'll see you at the hospital!

  5. ... and the ultrasounds would agree with you... as well as my popping OUT belly button!

  6. I sure am! I'll be waiting on a first week of Feb baby ;)

  7. oh too funny - we'll see if our guy decides to be punctual, or more likely a 'Valentines baby' hehe.  I'll just make sure to yell out your name down the hallways in case you're there! ;o)


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