studio tour

Hey there friends!  I know we've toured my wee art.sewing.crafting space before... but I've recently re-organised and thought some fresh peeks would be fun.
Here's one of my 'nook' shelves with sewing books, my pottered birds, and a stuffed beaver stitched by a friend. 

In the foreground you can see Tinderpuff nestled on our bed... dark brown fabric stretched over a wooden frame makes for a headboard/room divider to my art studio (in the back third of our bedroom).

I perched all my vintage owls above my sewing desk... and hanging on the wall beside is a great quote from Jackson Creek Press.

My main fabric.thread sewing stash - all crammed into a bookshelf beside my sewing station.

I said it before - and I'll say it again - those large plastic salad containers from the grocery store make great storage for fabric!  You can see a quick view of various palettes in each bin without an avalanche of fabric everywhere.  You're welcome.

And here's my newest addition (last may) I got gifted one of those Martha Stewart organising box.shelf.things.  Only in the past week did I finally sort through and make each cubby hole a specific zone for my various crafts.projects.... I also decorated the top 'mantle' with various family photos. inspirations. pottery. etc.  Loving it!

I don't know about you, but it sure feels good to organise.
Turning chaos into calm.
Overwhelming into order.
I've been doing this all around our house lately... gosh, I must be in serious 'nesting' mode.

Do you get the urge to 'clean sweep' at the start of a new year?
Thanks for stopping by for the tour,
Mel ;o)


  1. This is so gorgeous! Thank you for this post, I need to be reminded to make little inspirational alters around my craft space. Ack!!!! Holy moly mama mel, the wood house is turned upside dowwwwwwn right now!!! Every room in the house is currently under reconstruction! I'm DESPERATE to start organizing it all, which is enticing but quite overwhelming!


  2. Oh my goodness Mel, it is perfect! I am inspired just by these pictures (and I don't know how to sew!) But your studio is just full of beautiful things. It is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 1. love your beaver! (oh yes, I had to say it)
    2. happy shelf of owls!
    3. salad containers for organization = GENIUS!
    4. I am in awe of your use of space for your corner of creating.
    I am in a state of total chaos in my apartment, but am slowly re-owning my office/studio space - this post really inspires me! YOU inspire me!

  4.  1.baha... you would!
    2.thought you of all people would be all a-hoot over those guys ;o)
    3.thanks, you're welcome!
    4. aww, shucks... I love to inspire inspiring people... I know you'll 'take back' your place with beauty and sweet.vintage.grace!  Good luck! xo
    P.S... did mum Ruthy like her painting? :o)

  5. Hi Shannon!  Thanks so much, it's always a fun challenge to maximise the potential of small spaces - and organising is a real key to success I keep re-discovering here... hah!  Happy new year sweet mama!

  6. I will mail you some prozac right away... lol!  Maybe a calming camomile tea?  Poor Suz - so busting with creative ideas/energy.. so surrounded by chaos... this too shall pass eh?  Wishing you much patience.vision.delight in transforming your nest to suit your crew! xo

  7. Yes, trying to concentrate on the spare-room/sewing room/ devotions corner etc - still get distracted easily by the many directions that I can go in, even within that project :o)

  8. such a cute and cozy studio. if all my owls were in one place i think they'd take over! haha
    also...you smart little cookie, i'm going to save all my salad containers now!

  9. What a nice peek into your world. I adore that vintage sewing tin on your shelf. It reminds me of a sheet set I had as a child in the 1970's.

  10. aw, thanks Ingrid... I scored that tin for a dime at a yard sale.. love it!  That would have been a sweet sheet set I'm sure! ;o)

  11. thanks Carly - would love to see your owl collection too then!!  Happy salad munching! ;o)

  12. ooooh, we should have an organising date.... I'll come over and room plan with you! ;o)


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