indigo & ivory [mama/daughter style]...

 Yes, I'm still a sucker for the indigo blue with ivory polka dots combo...  and this is the most recent version I thrifted for Azriel here.  Maybe it's her blond mullet hair and blue eyes that make this colour so yummy on her...

And yes, I still struggle sometimes with that silly 'matching wardrobes' issue...  so here we both are in our navy/ivory outfits!  Maybe when this lil' guy joins the family in February... he'll get to dress like Ben (I better stock up on plaid now).

Azriel wears:
Navy dress: thrifted (Zellers)
Cream shirt: thrifted.
Tights: Zellers
 We're linking up once again with the cutie faces over at Mama Loves Papa.

Mama wears:
Yet another outfit that I have 'customised'... more on that tomorrow! 

Indigo gals,
Mel ;o)


  1. i think you both look great. it's a good color combo for the both of you!

  2. oh, she is so adorable! I just love her little bangs!  I agree, the navy looks lovely on her!

  3. Y'all look so sweet together! Blue is my favorite color...she is just so adorable!

  4. Hah, yes, I'd love to see a picture of him swathed in plaid!

  5. What a gorgeous pair of indigo gals you are too. And doesn't everything look better with polka dots? 


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