she wore a painted feather...

As mentioned in yesterday's small style post.. I recently customised my wardrobe again.
Namely... I grabbed a fairly boring navy thrifted skirt - and painted a sweet feather on to it! 

Here I am free-handing the feather on to the skirt with some latex paint (tan and white).  I was using this image from Pinterest for inspiration.  The fabric is stretchy so I tried to just pat the paint on pretty thick... I was tempted to stitch/embroider the details on to the feather - but opted to use my new fabric markers since it's super fast.stupid easy.

Voila.  A happy feather for my 'upcycled' boring skirt.

I'm not sure what I'm looking up at either...  and then... it was raining... ugh!
And here's the full outfit/creative combination:
Lace & Leather necklace: Needle and Nest Design
Yellow shirt: thrifted maternity.
Doily sweater: Needle and Nest D.I.Y
Feather skirt: thrifted (and truth be told.. it's hiked way up over my 8month belly!)
Cable leggings: H&M
Suede boots: Zellers 

I'm still tempted to sew some lace along the bottom hem... and it was all I could do to not plaster it with a doily instead of a feather... but sometimes a little doily restraint is needed at this nest.  Sometimes.

Happy friday friends - have a beauty weekend!
Mel ;o)


  1. love that feather!! that's such a cool way to make a skirt unique!! <3
    you look so beautiful!!  xo

  2. hey thanks luv!  I like getting paint on my clothes... especially when its intentional! ;o) xo


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