For those of you who have kids... don't you love those magic moments of 'firsts'... the first word, first giggle, first high-five?  Well, today this mama got to experience another one of those delicious times... first baking session with my 2+ daughter!  So fun!

Clad in her sweet chef hat/apron (Christmas gift from in-laws) Azriel delicately placed each raisin in a bowl of water (since they were wizened almost beyond hope).  She also helped squish the gooey bananas into the mixing bowl, and stir all the ingredients together - a delightful assistant for her mama.

mmMMmmmmm raisin banana muffins... steaming from the oven and soaked in butter!

And that is the face of sweet satisfaction.

I think the next muffin adventure will have to be ginger-carrot... nom nom.
Look out baker Ben... the girls are taking over the kitchen!

P.S - Sorry this blog post does not have a 'scratch n' sniff' feature, you'll just have to trust how yummy this adventure was in our nest,
Mel ;o)


  1. scratch and sniff blogs now that would be cool!

  2. i love baking with the boys! i'll take the mess and sticky hands any day. think of the memories you are creating ;) and beautiful pictures! 

    i wish there was a scratch and sniff 

  3. Hi Liz!  Yes, I'd say your priorities are in the right spot.. memories outweigh the mess! ;o)  Hope you're having a great week - any home buyers yet??


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