my baby.fruit basket.10

Well it's official, we've now reached the end of the produce aisle for documenting this baby's progress!  I was hoping it wouldn't come to this... comparing my baby's size to a watermelon.  Hence, I opted to use a 'baby watermelon' for fear of heaving a full size one into this picture...

...am I the only one freaking out right now?  (Oh wait, my husband is rocking back and forth in the corner too...).   I'm not sure how many more reality checks are going to hit me before the labour pains do their share - but today was another one of those moments.  
The secretary for my midwife's said today "so you'll come in next week - for Feb.1st then?".
"Feb.1st is next week?!" I gasped
"I'm having a baby next week?!!"  (my due date is the 5th...)  and it suddenly hit me again how quick this moment is approaching, and I swear I've lost a week recently because it's not supposed to be February already! 

Ok. Deep breaths.  I am ready to sink my teeth in... er, metaphorically speaking.
My midwife said today that he's dropping, but the head is still not quite 'locked and loaded'.  I'm starting to notice more practise contractions as well - a good reminder to relearn how to embrace breathe through pain instead of running from it.  

One final word on this lil' guy's progress: his heart arrhythmia was ruled out as being any real issue of concern for now - even today he sounded a bit more 'normal' - but the Dr. assessing us said he's likely going to be a "big boy" (9lbs+)... argh!

Sure, our daughter Azriel was 8lbs 11oz.. (you can laugh at my pain - her birth story - here)... but I'm just hoping for a small measure of grace this time around!  Think light thoughts everyone! :o)

Thanks for following our journey through the produce aisle of my baby.fruit basket.
Maybe I'll post a bonus edition if I'm still preggo in 2 more weeks (10 months!).

Melon Mama,
Mel ;o)



  1. How exciting for you all, (I am a little excited myself) you arenon the home stretch now so it won't be long now x x

  2. size is nothing...all three of mine were over 9 pounds...last one ALMOST 11 pounds! Stay mobile, birth on all fours if need be, go to the chiro to keep you and babe aligned.. you can do this!

  3. This baby better be worth the pile of rotten fruit in the backyard.

  4. Awe, love that belly, mama! Was WONDERFUL to see you yesterday! <3

  5. thanks Des - it takes a doula to truly appreciate such bellies :o)  Lovely seeing you and miss.G too - I'm still kicking myself for bringing a dead camera!  have a great week!

  6. ..hardy-har Ben.. just be glad this baby kept you from getting scurvy.

  7. almost 11lbs!!?  Oy mama, my entire lower half just did a sympathy cringe!  You're a champ, thanks for the encouragements :o)  I'll bear you in mind as I'm 'bearing down'...  heh.  Have a creative, lovely week being all artsy.fartsy! xo

  8. ..thanks so much Annie (love meeting other crafters!)..  we'll keep y'all posted as the events unfold from our nest! xo


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