Five.for.Five [pregnancy]

Alright I'm back with my 5 facts.5 foibles about my life post... you may recall my past rants about childhood and school years.  I guess I got side-tracked with a million posts over the past month(s) of d.i.y's and Christmas themed ramblings.  I thought the theme for this confession should be on pregnancy - since that's where my belly mind is at lately:


Fact #1: This is the only time in life that I enjoy my gut.
Foible #1:  There's no 'sucking-in' for pants or photos... just let it all hang out!

Fact #2:  I haven't had any cravings this time around (unless chocolate counts).
Foible #2:  With my daughter I was obsessed with lime slushies..popsicles.. all things lime and cold - even while delivering her I was sucking back those popsicles!

Fact #3:  I don't enjoy people groping grabbing my baby belly.
Foible #3:  I'm still tempted to make the t-shirt that says "Not a petting zoo, thanks".

Fact #4:  I miss having a glass of wine or stout with a good meal.
Foible #4:  I told my husband I plan on becoming an alcoholic to make up for lost time!  (please don't call A.A...  I'm only kidding.... really.... )

Fact #5:  I'm still shocked that I am a mama... and pregnant again..
Foible #5:  Yes, I know how it happened... I just don't feel like the reality of having two kids is really sinking into my head yet, and this is the last month for me to get a clue!
So there, a few more tidbits on who I am here... and thanks for hearing me out!  I'm honestly trying to savour this last month of pregnancy - knowing that as we give birth to a new child, we're also birthing a 'ticking clock' : every second.moment. that we spend together is a gift to be appreciated while we have them in our nest.

Off I waddle to snuggle my gal,
Mel ;o)


  1. Stephanie Precourt2 January 2012 at 21:02

    You look GREAT!


  2. ....aw, thanks sweet Steph!  Anytime I currently tell Ben I feel 'fat' right now he just corrects me with "no, you're bloated with fertility'' - how sweet eh? ;o)

  3. Hah, LOVE your t-shirt idea!

  4. hey thanks Jordy.. I did get some fabric markers this christmas... so the t-shirt may happen! lol  Happy knitting up north ;o)

  5. That shirt idea is totally hilarious, you should go for it! :) i love your hat by the way! very cute!


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