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Here's another edition of five facts.five foibles about myself... and today's theme is: travelling.
In my 20's I was blessed to have that rare thing called 'disposable income' (having squirrelled away my hard-earned income for a few years)... and I had a wanderlust seeking to be satiated.
Over various trips - for many reasons - with different friends I managed to travel:
Italy (Rome/Florence/Venice)
Canada's East Coast
New York
Travelling is a great tutor for life...  I adored every moment of it (well, almost.. some tiny parts are just... nasty).  You learn so much about yourself, and mankind.. when you go out into new spaces and places.  What did I learn you ask?

Fact #1: Walking throughout a city is the best way to experience it... but make sure your footwear is kind to you.
Foible #1: So, I may have felt like the queen of 'frump' trudging around Europe in hiking boots, while women strutted in stilettos along the cobblestone streets of Rome, but you just can't cave for fashion when you're backpacking.

Fact #2: There's a daily euphoric feeling to the freedom that comes with travelling (call it the lack of responsibility).
Foible #2: This euphoric sensation may also have come from the strong Americano's I sucked back throughout Europe... returning home to Canada, I was addicted to espresso's for a while.

Fact #3: Never underestimate the universally understood/embraced beauty of a smile.
Foible #3: Paris and Pakistan had me doing a lot of smiling and nodding... when I, in fact, was clueless to the conversation being had.

Fact #4:  I bet you didn't know I have a castle in Scotland?!  Well, our family name Bothwell, has a castle in the town of ...Bothwell... so that's something.
Foible #4:  My closest attempt to reclaiming it's throne was sitting on a toilet there.

Fact #5:  In all seriousness - the most valuable lesson for me - the absolute intimacy and nearness of a great God.  Call it coincidences (but there were too many) call it flukes (but they were too designed)... in every trip I've ever been on - God has helped.led.guided when I needed it most.
Foible #5:  Call it delusional, but even when I was suffering from food poisoning while in Pakistan... lying on a cot... all my physical comforts lost... I realised I could still praise the God of all comforts and have a deep joy in the midst of utter poop-ville.  That's the most powerful lesson I could ever learn - and still need to this day.
*P.S: Pakistan is also where my Ben confessed his adoration crush for me!  Yep, took him half way across the world to start our romance. :o)

Thanks for joining my in this edition of my 5.for.5 series.
What has travelling taught you?

Wanderlust mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Heather Alayne Anderson30 January 2012 at 15:19

    Travelling's taught me that all over the world there are beautiful things and beautiful people that God has created . . . and I want to see more!  Pakistan seems to be the place to go to find true love.  That's where Todd decided he wanted to marry me - before he had even asked me out!

  2. ..tee hee, oh that Todd - he's a wise man (though he seemed quite delusional half the time we were there... maybe the heat.. or his steady diet of 'seeds' for food?!)  Glad these guys knew true feminine awesomeness when they see it. ;o) xo


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