D.I.Y - doily infinity scarf

I'm excited to share this easy do.it.yourself project with you today, friends!  You just knew I was going to upcycle my doily stash again didn't you?  Seriously, I want MY face to appear when one googles the word 'doily'... ha!  But I digress, back to the 'super fast.stupid easy' approach to sewing:

You will need:
A doily table runner (thrifted, or 'borrowed' from your Granny's tea table).
Your choice of scarf fabric (mine was a linen/cotton mix... but stretchy stuff works too).
Sewing Machine 

1. Lay out your scarf fabric: cut it to 16 inches wide x 56 inches long (or fold and cut to 23").
2. Pin your doily table runner down the centre of your fabric strip to hold it in place for sewing. 

3. Zip that baby through your sewing machine... running a stitch all the way around the doily runner.  This the 'full-length' shot I'm holding up here.

4. Now fold the scarf in half (right sides facing in) and sew those raw edges together.. then run a zig-zag stitch over that seam to flatten it on the inside.

5.  Now that you have the full 'loop' of fabric, fold in the edges and sew them down. (To avoid seeing a raw edge you can double fold your edges/iron flat/then sew).  Make sure you're using matching thread to hide your stitch lines.

Enjoy your newly upcycled doily table runner turned delightful infinity scarf!
 1. Double it up for a cosy cuff.
2. Hang it loose to cover a 9month baby belly!
3. Drape it from your head... cuz you can.

You may recall my last infinity scarf was upcycling t-shirts & lace..  well, I like this one better!  Hope you enjoy making one too!

To infinity, and beyond.
Mel ;o)


  1. Super super cute! 

  2. 'Gypsy'! You're aliiiivve... hehe, nice to hear from you again, and thanks! Glad you liked.  Hope you have a great weekend. :o)

  3. .. heh, we be swooning together.  You could totally also do this look by sewing a number of doilies on in a 'collage' - that's my next goal. Have a beauty (no falling on ice) kind of weekend Des :o)

  4. One of these days I'm going to man up and actually do one of these amazing DiY projects!

  5. This is really pretty.  I like the fabric that you chose too.  
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. baha! Matt .. if you make a doily scarf... I will do a special POST dedicated to your courage. ;o)

  7. ... thanks so much Mel - you too! ;o)

  8. love this!!!!<3


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