colour me: cocoa & conversations...

Hello friends, care to join me over a cozy cup of cocoa?
If you were here I would tell you that this is one of my favourite colour palettes.. limey greens, turquoise, and chocolaty browns.

I'd also tell you how today marks my 37th week - this belly is full-term now (which means I better get my delivery bag packed for the hospital)... wowsers.  
We had recently discovered that our lil' guy has a heart arrhythmia (erratic heart-rate)... and had to get it assessed to see how benign or serious the issue was.  We were booked for Sick Kids in Toronto, but managed to see a local specialist first.  He assured us that this seemed fairly harmless and was common enough to likely 'right itself'.  [Phew]... these past couple weeks had been a battle to not stress/worry since that never changes anything for good any way.

I'd tell you how recently I've been nesting and resting.  
Cleaning around the house, baking muffins with our gal Azriel, trying to be still, reading, reflecting...
Lately we're developing a good new rhythm in our home - now that Ben finally has a more consistent work schedule... our days seem more structured (my brain needs order!).

I'd say how rewarding it is to push forward in our faith as a couple/family... after a season of wading in a milieu of mediocrity..  re-capturing the wonder of Who God is always brings a sense of 'coming up for air' when you forgot you were even suffocating. 

I'd share how cats.cocoa. and cable knit sweaters are especially delightful right now.

How exciting it is to be featured today on Prudent Baby (one of the top 'Mom' websites for my harem pants d.i.y)!  Who knew that post would continue to be the most googled subject on a daily basis here!
In other random news, I would say how there was a dead hawk in our backyard... but it was so untouched... asleep looking.  I felt struck by how haunting and beautiful it was.

By now I've reached the bottom of my cocoa, the marshmallow is gooey and ready to be slurped back in one final delicious swig.
Wiping my mouth, I'd look up and say... "but how about you?  How's your world lately?"

Thanks for hearing this mama's heart today,
Mel ;o)


  1. love your sweater, it looks super cozy! and you momma-tummy is beautiful :) I've been sick for the past week and am finally recovering. I also had a nice hot cup of cocoa just an hour ago, such a treat! have a wonderful rest of the week :)

  2. So glad to hear the heart arrhythmia will right itself; little fella is already a worry before he's even out in the world! But he's made of strong stuff and with the light that surrounds you & your family, so he will be Well and Good. :)
    I love this post, for all of its warmth and sweetness and kitty-in-the-backgroundness!
    Did you keep a feather from the hawk? Or is that a little too icky? I would find a lovely place of earth & trees and bury him with prayers of flight in his next life. I have such a soft spot for birds of prey. <3

  3. Melissa Dear

    What a sweet and cautious blog.  I was alarmed to here about junior but it seems you have touched  the necessary bases and that all is well.  You are in my heart and devotions.  I continue to  be amazed at the talent you possess in so many forms.  Am only saddened that I have missed so much of it. You are truly blessed. Both verbally and aesthetically you are a wonder to behold.

    Give my best wishes to Ben and congratulations on his more consistent work schedule.  I so know what you mean about order and structure.  My brain too is hardwired for the same.  A random hug for Azriel from me just because.

    I will run for now.  As you can see by the timing of this note, I am up a tad early.  Having a little trouble sleeping.  Oh well.

    Love to all,

    Aunt Susie

  4. thanks Aunt Suz, we appreciate your love and thoughts... and encouragements.  Hope you get some shut-eye in soon! love you.

  5. thanks sweet Caren, I'm actually convinced this wee guy is a total rascal... and this is only one more attempt to be rascally on his part! ;o)  I took pics of the hawk... don't think I could 'handle' plucking a feather from him tho.... eep.  My sis-in-law looked it up in her bird book and said it was a sharp-shinned hawk ... they are supposed to be in warmer climates at this time, so we figure that got him.
    I could send you pics? ;o)

  6. nice to hear from you Paula, glad you're on the mend!  We could pretend we shared that hot cocoa moment across the globe together! ;o)

  7. Love this. You are so precious! Praying for peace for you and your husband and for that sweet little baby! YAY for being on Prudent Baby!

  8. All the best in the weeks to come, Mel! So excited for your growing family! Love, the Webbs

  9. thanks so much Jenn!  We're pretty excited.scared.happy.tentative about the changes coming our way - but its all blessing in the end!  Miss your crew. xo

  10. aw, thanks lovely Morgan... appreciate that.  Have a beauty weekend ;o)

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