slide.show.sunday.take 28.

Hope you all had a great weekend out there friends...
here's the recap of ours:
 Shopping/thrifting score: wooden alphabet for Azriel...
 Friday night 'College & Careers' church group... which I want to rename 'Babies & Bellies' for where most of us are at!
 Mmmmm mint ice cream at our friend's house after a Saturday lunch together.
 ...and a dinner of 'champions' later that evening!
 Sunday cat-naps after church... Mewsli hasn't moved from her spot all day!
 A fun visit to our local Canadian Canoe Museum for 'free' open house day...
 Lots to see.. painters.carvers.miniature train makers... etc.
 Sasquatch mama and Azriel in a wee lodge... and the absolute highlight of our trip: I just found out from my Ben that Narwhals are REAL!!  Ohmigosh, I thought they were out there with unicorns and jackalopes... but, wonder of wonders they exist.  I told Ben that's gotta be on our life to 'see' list now!  :o)

We'll just say that was a 'baby-brain' moment for me,

the not-know-it-all mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. First of all - Azriel in pigtails is the cutest thing + Mewsli paws are so sweet!
    Secondly, doesn't it give life that magical feeling that Narwhals exist? It's like God sprinkled fairy dust on the earth. Who's to say there aren't any Unicorns? They're probably just really really shy. xox!

  2. eeep.. I know right?  I adore Azi in pigtails.. now that she actually 'allows' them!  I'll believe you on the shy unicorns issue too... and we can't forget gnomes - they must exist as well.  muah xo

  3. Hah, I love your cat's name!  Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. hehe, thanks Jordy - she also gets called Miss Mew if she's lucky.  Tinderpuff is the name of our other cat (Ben got that name pick). ;o)


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