slide.show.sunday.take 31.

Hello friends, this weekend was a quiet one around the nest.... intentionally
Our crew was needing some rest and family time after a busy week.
So here's what it looked like:
Mama/daughter 'maternity photo-op'... hence, our matching stripey outfits (more to come).

Proof that we aren't all glamorous around here: doing loads of laundry!

Ben's strumming on the mandolin made for a sweet Saturday soundtrack.

This is our current 'success' with getting Azriel used to her big girl bed... 

A snow-filled day called for a sled ride down the sidewalk... and building a snow-kitty-owl creature.

We thought Azi's aunt & uncle would appreciate coming home to this creature on their doorstep... and here she is caught in the act of trying to throw another snowball at her mama (she may have seen her Dad doing a similar move...).

Hope y'all had a rockin' or restfull weekend!
See you on the flip side..
...and no, we haven't had a baby yet!
Mel ;o)

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