slide.show.sunday.take 30.

 A purr-fectly sunny and delightful winter weekend had here, friends!
 Azriel and I tried out her sweet red sled... and she was keen to drag it home.
 I was giddy with all the fresh diamond dust snow falling... but Ben protested my desire to go snow-shoeing (something about..."blah blah blah you're too pregnant").
 Any guesses on what that baby's 'fruit' size is now....?! ;o)
 Crafting like crazy while Azi naps... and Ben bakes an apple pie.
 'Family Dinner Saturday' up at the in-laws...
 ...then dropping Azi off at my folks for a sleepover = date night with my Ben!  Eating/drinking deliciousness at St.Veronas.... and my air hockey 'game face' before we went to a late movie!
 After church we did an art hop downtown to different showings... and then hiked in our favourite park (Jackson Park).
Twas glorious... I totally love dating my husband whenever we're lucky enough to get babysitters... and when the sun sparkles off every snowflake, that just makes this mama's heart shine.

Hope your weekend was a beauty!
See you all tomorrow,
Mel ;o)


  1. I am glad you can date your hubby. Nice to have family close by to babysit. I miss that! --RachV

  2. i will babysit that little sweetheart anytime. honestly ;) don't be shy to take me up on the offer. that's how chantilly and i met, i offered my babysitting services hehe


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