colour me cozy (outfit + palette post)...

 If my clothing was transformed into a colour palette....
You may recall that I am persuading 'plum' into my wardrobe recently.  Hence, the purple tightsI'm still enjoying this combination of tans.browns.taupes.cinnamon and plum.

I used to make these palettes in past posts... and it's so much fun I think I'll start doing them more regularly again.  I'm a total colour addict... (when I used to work at Benjamin Moore I would always be found inventing colour combinations with various paint chips!).  If you share this delight then here's three beauty sites for your perusal:
.... you're welcome! ;o) 

Back to the outfit details
Mel's palette:
Hat: DeLux
Audrey Hepburn button: handmade.
knitted cowl: thrifted
grey cardigan: thrifted G.A.P
russet brown shirt: Reitmans
brown skirt: thrifted
plum tights: 725 Originals.
suede boots: Zellers
Have a colour-full weekend friends!
Mel ;o)


  1. you're so adorable mel. i love this look!

  2. hey thanks Carly!   j'adore your looks too! ;o)

  3. love. this outfit.  oh my gosh...so pretty!!! keep doing the outfit posts-- i love your style!!


  4. What a fabulously fresh way of doing an outfit post! Love the palettes and love that your adding some plummy purple to your wardrobe! I keep adding dashes of purple to my wardrobe, too. I need to get those tights!
    You are stylin', pretty lady!

  5. aw, thanks sweets!  We could be all plum-delightful together (I think I got them 'new' at Value Village if that makes sense?)....I thought 725 Originals were at Wal-Mart but I sure as heck know I wasn't in there shopping! 

  6. welll..... if you're so adamant about that - I may try to do more 'my style' posts, hehe.  It may be the only creative outlet I have for a while once this guy pops out! ;o)


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