colour me: maternity & moccasins...

Here's an 'outfit post' featuring my latest creation: cozy moccasin slipper.. things.
Funky, eh?  I like the Scandinavian vibe to them... colourful and full of patterns.  It felt good to create something again (I even attempted to make them a D.I.Y project for you folks... stay tuned next week).  I think my sewing machine was starting to suffer abandonment issues...

More hand-crafted goodness: my wood & lace earrings ... I gifted these to myself since they matched the wine colour of my skirt!  This yummy green infinity scarf was sewn by a friend.

You may remember this navy & lace dress from earlier on in my pregnancy... it's still a favourite part of my wardrobe now that this baby bulge is ever-increasing... the fabric keeps on stretching!

Tinderpuff wanted in on the photo-session too.  Seriously, this cat is my shadow... I can't sit without her instantly jumping up on me... and she constantly follows me room to room through the house (waiting to lunge onto my big belly I'm sure).

Sheesh, ok, where was I?  I think this was a colour palette post... and a recent creations post.. and an upcoming d.i.y preview... and an outfit post... and a rant about one of our cats...
Ummm.... lets just say having a baby head-butting you in the cervix makes it hard to stay focused.

Waiting to bust,
Mel ;o)

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  1. love it, thanks for making me laugh :o)


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