home decor: child's play 'feng shui'...

So, I used to chuckle at people who were always 'renovating.reorganising.reformating' their living spaces.  I laughed because I couldn't understand why they didn't just organise their rooms the 'right' way the first time (since I would map out a room - with graph paper - before arranging the furniture.. and then live with it permanently).
 Then I became a stay.at.home.mama.
Then I understood.
Now I laugh at myself as I heave the tables.couches.chairs from one spot to another... weekly!

This is one of my recent 'organizing frenzies'... creating a nook for all of our daughter's books... in the fireplace.  In lieu of it not being a functioning fireplace (I wish it were) I opted to make it functional for Azriel's growing stack of books.

It's a great - accessible - spot for her to go grab a favourite read.
(Side-note: yes, those are her harem pants I sewed from a blouse)!

Here's a 'play zone' I recently created in the living room for her too.  Every time I talk about creating a new 'nook' or 'zone' in our nest... my husband gets a wary look.  Try convincing your minimalist partner that bringing more furniture into a space will help it feel more spacious!  
So, I grabbed this bench from our garage to create a play area for our daughter next to the upcycled furniture oven.  Now she can sit here and cook.play.read.colour.  Ideally there would be some wicker baskets under the bench to house toys... since one must always have more baskets tucked around the house! ;o)

I guess this living room just keeps morphing since it's where we spend the majority of our time.
It's our living space.dining area.entertainment station.play zone.
Call in feng shui or just the fact that many females are intrinsically connected to their surroundings... but I just keep changing it until it 'fits' right.

So what about you?  
Does the dust have time to settle on your furniture... or do you manically move it around too?!

Nesting mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. I love this post because I'm doing the same thing at the moment! I also love it because azriel is wearing the pants that are the reason I found you!! Happy nesting mama mel!

  2. Re-purposing fireplace to child's book alcove sounds like a great idea!

  3. yes, I'm eager to hear how all the house renos go for you guys!  I love that post because through it I found (was found by) you too!! ;o) xo

  4. thanks! ... just think, when we get tired of reading the same book for the billionth time... we can just a light a match too... baha.

  5. Oh yes, I move my furniture around all the time...our needs change, we get new furniture (not 'new, but offered to us IYKWIM)  We also have a fireplace that needs new lining so also cannot work!

  6. Hi Naomi - thanks for stopping in - glad to see other creative mamas 'suffer' the same condition as I with moving all our 'used' furniture around! ;o)


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