life is like a chocolate chip cookie...

My sweet daughter helped me bake cookies the other day... and it struck me that these will be the moments that I can teach her about life... infusing wisdom (or the attempt thereof) into the milieu of the everyday moments.

Dear Azriel:  life is like making chocolate chip cookies.
In the moment we may just be given flour... or raw eggs... and on their own - it would taste pretty gross.  But don't despair, in time goodness will follow.  Life needs both the salty and the sweet.

Sometimes we have to wait...
...and wait,
for that goodness to fully 'bake'.  Patience is a hard virtue when the stomach growls and the mouth drools... but the waiting makes the reward taste even sweeter.

Warm and gooey right from the oven.  Sweetness stacked upon sweetness.
These are the moments of celebration. 

We savour.  We laugh.  We munch!

Sharing these joys makes for doubled delight.  We can't hold blessings in tight fists... but let them pour out into the hearts of those around us.

 Bless this mess.

..This beautiful.happy.sweet.salty.mess... called life.

Mama loves you forever, now let's have another cookie.



  1. Yellowfinchdesigns26 January 2012 at 09:39

    i love the life lesson with the analogy of baking cookies!! and it just looks like so much fun. hope you are feeling well these days ;) i'm thinking of you!

  2. Melissa,
    Your pictures this week are amazing!
    I would do just about anything to have one of those cookies right now...hope you're feeling well!

  3. i think you just taught me a lesson! lol she is yummy!

  4. oh goodness. this was such a precious post.
    azriel is so adorable. i hope you take me up on the babysitting offer :)

    also...now all i want to do is bake cookies...those look so darn good!

  5. who can forget a lesson like that, if learned wit cookies? I sure wouldn't. oh fill me with you wisdom.. and cookies :D so basically.. cookies make you smart? now that sounds good to me! :)

  6. haha Paula, you're hilarious - I would LOVE if cookies made me smarter! :o)

  7. aw, thanks Carly.  I appreciate the bb-sitting offer... and I will remember it (usually the Grandparents are vying for the opportunity!)... sorry if I tortured you here with tempting cookies ;o)

  8. hah! Yes, I'm never sure what to nibble on first - the cookies or her sweet chipmunk cheeks!

  9. thanks so much Susan, sweet of you to say that!  I'm doing well thanks.. the countdown to baby #2 is officially on... feeling 'ready' (ish) as I'll ever be now...   have a great week! :o)

  10. thank you Liz, you're a sweet heart.  We'll keep ya posted how the progress goes here! ;o)

  11. Such a cute post! Those cookies look SO good right now ;)


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