how I did my do. [haircut post]

What's that word for someone who continues to do the same act - while hoping for a new outcome?  Well foolish is as foolish does... and this fool still continues to cut her own hair!  I alluded to the fact that I had recently created a mullet by 'accident'.  See, I had been trying to grow my hair out again - it was down to my shoulders - though I always tied it up or in braids.  I thought if I ignore it long enough.. it may grow into something Rapunzel would envy.  Then I got the notion that I should 'trim' it... snip.chop.hack moments later... I had once again shortened a pile of layers around my head with these long 'mullet' like layers at the back... [sigh].  Ben called it for what it was and suggested I may want to just go short again.  ;o)  Agreed.

I marched back up to the bathroom the next night and grabbed the hair buzzers - that's the sound of liberation right there.  I chopped off the mullet, buzzed the back and ended up with this fun little mop top.  So far, I'm actually kind of liking it!  If I wasn't pregnant I think I would totally reclaim some of my former years of 'rainbow' hair colour options ... I want some crazy funky colours back in my palette!  I can wait... 7 months. 

P.S.  - that is not a birthmark on my neck, it's a tattoo... the Hebrew word LAEL which means "of God (belonging to God)".

What's the craziest 'do you've ever done?
Mine was likely during the tomboy phase of childhood... where I shaved one side and had long bangs on the other... oh the glory days!

Mel :o)


  1. Appleswithhoney.blogspot.com8 August 2011 at 16:41

    Oh! I loves it!
    I used to cut my own, but I am not as brave with my rounder than life post pregnancy face. Ha!
    Nice job, and it totally suits you.

  2. love it mama looks great! xo

  3. haha .. oh Erin, you're sweet face could handle any fun do you threw at it I'm sure! thanks! xo

  4. i like this, very 1950's

    - jess n

  5. firstly, you make me miss my nose ring. sigh.
    secondly, and most importantly, I love how you do your 'do! I wish I had your talent with wielding scissors & buzzers. LOVE this new look! The wispy parts in the back are just the sweetest, you sweet thing you. xo!

  6. hehe lovin the story. I too cut my hair mot of the time. Tho my craziest do thus far was by a real hairdresser. It was a faux hawk with shaved sides and a star hair tatoo....5 months ago...what can I say, the older I get, the less I car what gets done to my hair! lol


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