sweet sorrow.

 This morning marked a bittersweet farewell at our nest.  There she is.  My sweet.vinyl.turquoise.damask chair I scored for $3.  I did so love this chair.  In return she did not love me however... and 'fainted' beneath me during a dinner party a while back.  Now, if I was a welder I would gladly have put those metal legs back together again..

Alas, I am not a welder.  And today we had a dumpster at our house (for the gutted basement and our disaster garage).  So ... sadly, she was the first in line.  I admit that my Scottish..sentimental side had me run back in and slice all the vinyl off the chair.  I hope to make some sort of clutch.wallet with it in the future. :o)

Here was a sweet discovery during our garage purge today.  All wrapped up in paper... nestled in a box of bits and pieces.. this sweet gold owl [showcased on my rescued chair vinyl].
My poor husband the minimalist was heaving stuff into the dumpster while I kept poking and prodding through pieces I wanted to justify keeping.  I admit I am one of the worst partners to purge anything with.

In other news.. stay tuned for an exciting announcement tonight... about tomorrow. :o)
See you soon,
Mel :o)


  1. I will find that owl and heave it in with the chair. Don't think I won't.

  2. baha. I'll lock you out of the house then dear. ;o)

  3. haha! public brawl!
    that owl is so teeny, it won't take up any space at all (and it's an owl! ... an owl!)
    I LOVE that you tore off the pretty damask vinyl on that chair to make something anew with it! Precious! I have a similar style/colour chair myself and would loathe the day it fainted under me, as well.


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