tour our nest [Azriel's room]

 Welcome to the long anticipated tour of our daughter's room.  I'm excited to show you all the cuteness and craftings I've crammed into her room.  You may even feel a sense of deja vu if you first saw this tour over at my lovely friend's blog Apples with Honey a while back.  The fabric hoop profile on Azi's door was the first d.i.y tutorial I ever posted on my blog... remember it? 

 Azriel's room gets all the beautiful west-facing sunshine spilling into her windows.  I am really happy with the apple green wall colour we got her (sorry, a custom mix folks).  Currently she's still staying in her crib [having only jumped out once!].  She'll graduate to the 'big girl' bed soon I'm sure.  The headboard was made by my Dad and I years ago... and I still love it.  The curtains, "Azriel" name blocks, and bird mobile over her crib... were also crafted by me.

 I had fun making this simple fabric banner for her window nook - such a great way to incorporate colours and patterns from her room.  The nook is her playing.reading.colouring area... a real sweet spot to be in.

Here's one of my favourite craftings for her... Mr.Fox and Foxy Lady.  (Side-note: Azi has now started saying "fox" which is pretty awkward when it keeps coming out as "foc"...).  Anyhow, I did also upholster.paint the bench and sewed some of the pillows here too.

This is the final corner of her room, where the change table and dresser hang out.  I painted all the furniture in a pale white green called "Dark Linen" from Benjamin Moore Paints.  These woodland 'counting' canvases were fun to create for her room too.

Lastly, I grabbed an old ladder from a yard sale and painted it up to fit in the corner as a blanket holder.  Yes, I sewed this kitty friend for her too.  Clearly Azi is my main muse when it comes to creating lately!  

So there you have the tour of the final room upstairs in our nest.
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Where do you go to get inspired for home decor?
Thanks again for dropping in for a visit, I think we'll tour the living room next week.

Mel :o)


  1. Yellowfiinchdesigns27 October 2011 at 08:04

    wow! beautiful bedroom. fantastic job!!!

  2. hey sneaky.. you've been linking! ;o)  Thanks so much - I always feel happy in her room! 


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