colour my day.3.

Azriel and her amazing techni-colour dream pants inspired this colour combo.
Turquoise, Butter cream, Pumpkin, Pink Popsicle... mmmmm!

Then I just couldn't resist putting these extra shots in of a beautiful windy day.  Azi has some gypsy.dramatic.rock moves when the winds blows fast and whips the laundry to dancing.

She kept running through the peek-a-boo tunnel of sheets... as they  flapped about her like boat-less sails.  You'll also see my sis-in-law [house-mate] tucked back in the shade.  She was working on a baby quilt... and is due in less than two months now!  We're super excited for the new addition around this nest... and the first cousin for Azi!  Eeeeeep!

Hope the wind was filling your sails today too!
It's been a beauty of a beautiful day.
Mel :o)

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  1. How fun, I want to dance under those sheets too!!


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