all in a clay's work.

Hands in the mud.
I'm getting back into another round of pottery making.  There's a table in the garage all cleared out for my hand-building now... which is fantastic fun for me!  I'm making some more little pottered birds, doily bowls, wrist cuffs... and maybe some fun new projects too.  

I'm a little worried by whom else I have inspired to get in on the action... as today I discovered a trail of bat (or mouse?) poops on my work station.. ugh!!

Anyways, just thought I would put it out there - if you have a custom pottery order idea in mind - drop me a line and we can incorporate it into this current batch being made.  Glaze colours abound as well.. so we can work that out... you can e-mail me at needleandnestdesign@live.com.

Have a wonderful sunny monday,
Mel :o)

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