the Manly-Man's post.

 Well it's Father's Day weekend coming up here.  We're high-tailing it off to a friend's cottage, so I thought I better post early (maybe it will remind you to go buy Dad that tacky silk tie). 
  Now here's a tribute to the main men in my life.  First off, Ben.  He won't even let me buy him a cheesy - 'here's what your daughter bought you' - gift.  Harumph.  He wants to wait until Azriel is old enough - and kind enough - to give him something herself.  Well, I still get to say "happy Father's day", since this is my blog after all. ha!

Before there was three, there was we.  You and me.  I like 'we' better than just 'me'. And I love how you and me, did in fact, make three.  I may just adore when our number could be four!
That's enough Dr.Seuss'ing for me.

For the record, Azriel helped me make this picture for Ben.  She 'signed' everything she wanted me to put on the 'what Daddy is to me' list... I think the flopping on her back next to me/ dribbling her sippy cup on the couch/ trying to walk on the lap top actions came through loud and clear here.  October 29. 2009 marked a huge shift in our lives.  A dad, a mom, and a baby... were all born.
Ben, for all these ways - and countless more - you are a wonderful daddy to our daughter.

Not to be forgotten, the two other men in our life.  My Dad, Perry, passed on his looks to Azriel (at least everyone always says "My how she looks just like your Dad!"... I'm not sure how that works, is my Dad pretty.... or Azi's handsome?).  Anywho he's my Dad.  The one I laughed with until he turned purple as a kid.  He told us (not read.. made them up) stories every night before bed.  He interviewed boyfriends. He walked (was dragged) down the aisle with me.  He gardens, he reads, he loves being "Grandpa" to his first granddaughter. 
Also, my Father-in-Law, Justin.  I feel at home with this man, he paints, creates, hides away in his basement studio, laughs heartily, wears his beard and hair wild.  He has also taken a real liking to being "Granddad" to his first granddaughter.
I am blessed to have each of these men in our life.  Thanks for all being such unique reflections on what a father.husband can be.  I love you's guys.

What do/did you love most about your Dad?
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Mel :o)

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