slide show sunday. take 5.

 It was one of those sleepy 'cat nap' kind of weekends around this nest.  Daughter Azriel and I walked to the farmer's market in the morning.. then came home and snoozed.  The cats made sure to pin me down in case I even dreamed of being productive.

 When Ben got off work we grabbed some 'instant human' drinks... and what do you know, I perked right up... positively hyper even.

 Every time we enter my parent's-in-laws home.. I get arch envy... their antique trellis is gorgeous.

 Azriel watches yet another downpour of rain.

 Snapping some 'still life' shots in the afterglow.

 Sweet sleepy Hazel puppy.... my obliging model.

 Hazel and I snuggled up on the porch and surveyed the glowing green... (you can also see the devastated willow branches all over the lawn from this week's tornado in 'training').

 Yep... this is me.  Sometimes we photography-lovers get so busy snapping shots of everyone and everything.. we forget to show we're there too. ;o)

All in all, a sleepy quiet weekend here. I swear my blood is solar-powered... since these overcast days make motivation.productivity.energy... scarce.

Hope your weekend was great! What did you get up to?

Mel :o)


  1. love your glasses!:)...and lazy weekends!:)  they are the best...get you all ready for a productive week!  

  2. thanks Krista! Here's hoping for some productivity... ;o) 


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