confessions [of a Mel] part.2.

I love this guy.  He just happens to be my husband.  I confess that I think my blog may often teeter on the edge of looking 'baby' centered.  Yes, our daughter is the yummiest thing since sliced bread.. but there needs to be a balance.  A child-centered home is not our goal, she is a part of our already existing love circle.  Don't worry..this won't mean new posts with 'cute outfits' I made for Ben! ;o)  It does mean, I may have to gush about him here - and you're just going to have to hold back the gag factor.
Yesterday we got a chance to have family date time.. which was great.. but by the end of the day I still felt like I missed Ben.  How often we can feel co-existing.. but not connected as couples eh?  I was eagerly playing in the clay last night (yes more pottery!)... but then it hit me that I would much rather run in and be near my man.  We built a fire outside. and sat. and talked. and laughed.  It was good.

We need to fight for our marriages to stay healthy and strong in a world of distractions.  I want my daughter to grow up in a home that shows love to all and rests on God's grace to supply it.

There it is.
Mel :o)

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  1. Heather Alayne Anderson3 June 2011 at 13:29

    Inspiring as always.  Although, I would like to see you make some cute outfits for Ben.


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