tour our nest - the bathroom edition.

Hello friends! I mentioned recently how I would start showing the colours used in our home.  I've already done a quick tour in the past of our bedroom/my studio seen here.  So now you can have a little peek at our tiny bathroom. I love how the setting sun illuminates our mason jar of lilacs. 

 Here's the mirror we got when we moved in... I like how it echos the patterns found in the light fixture.  Shower curtain: brown tree motif.  Wall Colour: H.C - 72 "Branchport Brown" of Benjamin Moore Paints.  This is a rich, bittersweet chocolate colour with a hint of purple brown in it... love it!

 What's that you say?  A bird's nest... in the bathroom?  Yes!  I made this lil' nest to house my lil' pottery birds... in the weird soap ledge that was on the wall.  Why waste a cute 'nook' with sludgy soap, right?

 If you look to the left.. there's the throne.  The orchid in a pottered bowl from my local potter.  The tiny square pictures are : daughter's cute toes (below) and beautiful photo of robin's eggs by the lovely Erin of 'apples with honey' blog (above).  The gorgeous large painting I bought of a 'once-local' artist, David Blackmore.

Here's the opposite side... a room with a view (just hopefully not for the neighbours!).  I use a stool to hold up towels.candles.local pottery.  I store my daughter's bath toys under it too.

So there you have another wee peak at our nest, thanks for stopping in!
Mel :o)

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