D.I.Y upcycle old picture frames - you can do it.

 Hello friends, it's that time of week again.  Time to get your hands dirty and do some good ol' do it yerself projects... you know you can do it - since I did it right?!  So here's my latest project.  

1. Grab your old random assortment of wooden frames lying around the garage (or at thrift stores).
2. Paint frames all in a matching creamy white (CC- 40 Cloud White used here) to unify them.

3. Scuff those frames up the side of the head.  Sanding gives them that beauty antique distressed look that we're all suckers for.

Voila!  You can arrange them on your floor to come up with a groovy grouping for your walls.  Want to see how mine turned out?  I'm super excited about it.. and will be posting next about how these made our stairway more than just climb from point.a. to point.b.  

Stay cool out there... it's flippin' hot!  
Mel :o)

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