slide show sunday. take 6.

Hello friends.  I wasn't sure I'd get to launch this sunday's slide show.  But fear of disappointing you made me hold my eyelids open long enough to post these. ;o)  We had a great weekend at a friend's cottage, tucked around Lake Ontario. 

 Sweetness and sunshine.

 A wheelbarrow full of giggles.

 Kayaking in the setting sun... I was literally glowing.

 Chasing boys in canoes.. catch of the day - husband... and... seaweed.

I felt almost professional with all this high tech gear strapped to me.

Crackling fires, coffee and s'mores.. oh my.

Thrifted moccasins and campfire snuggles... complete coziness.

Dog days of summer.

Just had to include this terrible 'after shot' of our wicked burns from the day.  That will teach us to only put sunscreen on our daughter!  Note: we were told to 'look serious' for this shot... clearly I buckled under the pressure (as usual).  

My body is aching in places I forgot still existed.  My skin is glowing and warm.  We had a great time away.... and it was a good reminder for me that there is a lot of beauty even in just a 'scenic roadtrip' through some country side. 
Everything expands out there.
The sky.
The roads.
The patchworks hills.
My lungs.
My smile.
My thoughts.
All stretch open before me.

Hope your (Father's Day) weekend was delightful as well!
See you again soon,
Mel :o)

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  1. Hi Melissa! How wonderful!!!! Love the picture of you glowing. Looks like an amazing day.


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