confessions [of a home-maker] part.2.

source: Lay Baby Lay (under Downloads section).
A good reminder for me today.  As I've posted before, I'm not a keen cleaner.  I have a love hate relationship with my kitchen sink.  I try.. I really do.. to keep a positive attitude about the daily messes.  Today is no exception.  You know how it goes.. the tasks of cleaning the home were looming ahead of me.  I had procrastinated long enough.  It was time to do a real blitz... washing floors.vacuuming.tidying kind of blitz.  For how much I avoid a big clean it actually does feel great in the end.
There is a distinct reward that comes from physical labour.
There's also that oh-so-satisfying joy of seeing results.  That floor was dingy.. now it's shiny. The toys were scattered... now they're organised.  Results are a calming balm to a discouraged soul aren't they?

My husband and I both have done our share of time in 'social work' fields... and it can get discouraging sometimes.  Any work that has people at its core - has it's share of joys and sorrows - like every human heart.  You can't really measure your 'success' as a worker by looking for results in people.  They succeed, and then they disappoint. I used to ride that roller coaster.. and suffered some burn-out from that trip.  I think it often boils down to expectations.  In my social work.. did I expect to 'heal.nurture.free.make better' people.. and then have those agendas crash down around me.  In my mothering... do I expect to keep a house 'presentable' while neglecting the more important issues of my heart, and this little heart in our charge.  I often need to be reminded to re-evaluate why I do what I do... in all spheres of my life.  Why do I mother the way I do? Why do I 'wife' the way I do...  what motivates my art?  What drives my daily routine?  For me it's the constant need to see the bigger picture - the 'eternal perspective'.  Do the daily worries and messes on the floor stand up to the importance of what really matters in the end?
So what am I rambling on about here?  I guess I was just reminded today that there is good to be found in cleaning my home [of course]... but that it should never distract from what really matters.  Nurturing the growth in my own heart and others should top the day's 'to-do-list'.

Blessed-fully clean,
Mel :o)

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