D.I.Y upcycle shirt for someone who looks cuter in it...

 shirt/scarf: upcycled from mama's wardrobe.
yellow bloomers: thrifted.
white sandals: thrifted.

We like to keep things pretty simple. pretty cheap. pretty pretty... around here.  This is my latest 'upcycled' shirt project for my gal Azriel. 

 I was just purging my closet this week.. and came upon this shirt that I knew I wouldn't be wearing again.  I'm becoming such a sentimentalist.. how could I just toss the shirt my man and I did our 'engagement pictures' in?!  This is our cute selves about 3 years ago... [sigh] we used to be so young and ... strange.  Now we're older... and ... stranger. :o)

 So I decided to upcycle this shirt into something for my gal.. and yes, I did think it was pretty smart of me to spell 'Azi' for her with the straps of the shirt [geek].  You know the deal by now I'm sure... or you can remind yourself of how I do these crazy 'crops' from my last tutorial.  I also cut off the bottom and turned it into a fun scarf for Azi.


 It's hard to contain this much coolness... she knows how to work it.

I adore these crazy ruffle yellow bloomers.. they make me laugh everytime.

Azi doesn't just know how to be a patient model for her nutty mama.. she also works a mean plow.  Yes, we're that house with the antique plow in the yard.. hard to miss it... or the gnomes at our doorstep.  Or the mama chasing her daughter around the lawn with a camera.  How the neighbours must talk!

So there's some cuteness, and hopefully, once again, some inspiration to create for you friends!
Today we are linking this puppy up with the sweet mama over at Mama Loves Papa blog.  All the cute kids are doing it... really.  ;o)

Have a beauty day!
Mel :o)


  1. That is so clever.  And so sweet that you wore it for your engagement photos and now your baby wears it.  Awww....

  2. Haha, oh gosh. You guys are just TOO CUTE!

  3. Your awesome! The top/scarf looks fab!

  4. You are hilarious! 

    That dress turned out great and looks so gorgeous on Azi. You are so talented! I have a bunch of shirts that I've held onto because they're sentimental and have been meaning to turn them into something for Finley. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. Designhermomma2 June 2011 at 14:00

    You have crazy talent! That upcycle shirt is awesome on her! Love it...

  6. wow, thanks ladies... I'm glad you like it.. and are inspired to do the same! :o)  It's too fun and fast to make these projects. xo

  7. Love those yellow bloomers!



  8. color land by Citlalli2 June 2011 at 21:35

    wow that dress looks awesome! I love it!
    Azriel it's a cutie with so much style!

  9. That is a great idea - recycling your clothes for your daughter. A wonderful, colourful, stylish outfit. <3 

  10. as soon as i saw that shirt i remembered it... looked great on you! and now super cute on azi baby.

  11. awesome photos! great upcycle! 


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