confessions [of a Mel] part.3.

There he is again... that crazy.wonderful guy I get to call my husband.  You may remember my recent post saying how I wanted to show he 'exists' on this blog a bit more than the constant limelight on our daughter.  
In case you hadn't already guessed... we are different in a lot of ways.  What is that great force that draws people together from such different spheres?  Needless to say, it makes for some fun and frustrating banter around this nest.  Sometimes I think our lives could be a sit-com for all the hilarious foibles that frequent our relationship.  Ben's a great coach in not 'taking yourself too seriously'... and if you want a laugh.out.loud round of giggles (at my expense) you should jump over to his blog post... about his wife... yep, me.  I still crack up every time I read it.  Though I would like to qualify... I never put 'sequins on a throw pillow that lacerated his face'! 
If I was half the writer Ben is.. I'd be tempted to write a rebuttal about all his quirks... maybe someday I'll work up the gusto.

Yah.  I wouldn't have any other guy.  
We go together like a peanut butter and bacon sandwhich.  Sure it's kind of weird.  Kind of nuts. Kind of hammyBut it sticks together so good in the end.

What about you?  Is there someone in your life you can't live without despite how crazy it can all be sometimes?  If not, don't worry... I'm sure they're out there... flossing their teeth even now, and shining their shoes to bump into you.

Mel :o)

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  1. Amyfrancesking13 June 2011 at 21:33

    Ben makes the best CH Haiku's!


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