D.I.Y upcycle your granny's doilies.

Source: ish and chi.
Ah, the doily.  What a sweet little web it weaves.  Lately I am smitten by their intricate patterns... having sewn them into brooches and neck.laces.... and pressed them into pottery.
I first saw the above picture on Pinterest. [The blog that showcased this idea is a beauty to peruse for any home decor lover].  I knew I wanted to make such a table runner for our house.  It seemed fitting since I had turned a lace tablecloth into a skirt... that now I would upcycle doilies into a tablecloth.

   [Please ignore the crop-circles all over our table... I still need to sand.re-paint this beast over the summer!] 
 So I collected a stash of these lil' pretties over the course of many second-hand shopping sprees.  Deciding on a lay-out was going to be the real challenge.. yes, I too struggle with composition.balance.arrangement issues.

 Here's what was going to be the final arrangement.... and then... my husband Ben walked into the room. 
"What are you planning on doing with all those?" he asked.
"I'm sewing a pretty table runner for our table" says me.
"What.. and make our house look like a Grandma's Tea Parlour?" he says incredulously.

By this point we are both laughing... as this is just one more project I am trying to 'argue it's merits' to my unconvinced husband.  The joys of an artist being married to a minimalist.
Anywho, this wasn't a hill [of doilies] worth dying on... or forcing my husband to enjoy.  I figured that being the 'cougar' in this relationship - I should avoid introducing 'Grandma' vibes to our home.
Thus, the end of this upcycle project.
Don't worry friends, I'll find another use for them!
So maybe it will inspire you to make one instead... or inspire you to remember the beauty of compromise when it comes to your partner.

Mel :o)


  1. I've seen some really cool doily lampshades and one of those paper balls you put over a ceiling lamp but made from doilies. I love the doily table runners. They look a little more modern (kind of) with some burlap under them. 

  2. Hey there sweet Gypsy ;)..  I think I've seen those beauty doily lamp ball thingys too.. on pinterest again.  Thanks for sharing those ideas!  take care!

  3. Oh gosh, I've been dying to try this little DIY ever since I saw it! I probably NEED it ;)

  4. i was wondering where u got the doilies from?


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